Monday, November 14, 2016

Five years to make a change

SMRT introduced the display board in their buses about 5 years back. I found the display board to be difficult to read. They have the unnecessary message "Please move to the rear ...". Most of the time, you see this message and have to wait to see the next bus stop. The most important information appears only a brief moment before this unnecessary long message appears.

They have finally removed the useless message. The new display is quite helpful. We see the name of the next bus stop and "Welcome Abroad" or "Bus Stopping". It took 5 years for them to recognize the obvious problem and make a change.

I like them to add the sequence number before the bus stop, e.g. 12: Thomson Plaza or 13: Flame Tree Park. The sequence number is helpful also. I shall wait patiently for another 5 years for this change to be done.

After that, maybe another 5 years for them to put in a display board for the bus route.

We do have an excellent standard of service in Singapore (sarcastic), but we have to wait one generation!

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