Monday, November 14, 2016

Keep up the good work, FISCA

A FISCA member said:

I do like what FISCA is doing so far.

Being a child of parents who were cheated of tens of thousands of dollars by unjust insurance policies, I do not want others to end up the same.

The insurance industry flourishes through the blood, sweat and tears of ordinary, hardworking folk.The industry is also made up of tons of under-qualified employees, whom are promoted based on their sales acumen, as opposed to their technical competence. This is really extremely unethical, in my opinion.

I would like for FISCA to continue to do what it does to empower the public to protect their money and health, even if what it does may not be the popular choice. I will support the organisation as much as I can. Keep it up =)!

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Anonymous said...

The insurance agents are conmen and women. They are not qualified
The insurance companies are scammers who designed complicated products to scam the public. They design the scam products and pay the conmen high commission to motivate them to cheat the public. This is the industry. The regulator is not going to protect you . To protect yourself don't buy.

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