Monday, December 12, 2016

Fix the faulty trackers in the buses

I arrived at the bus stop and check the app for the arrival time of the next bus 163. It said 14 mins.

Hahaha! Here we go again. I expect the next bus to arrive in 2 mins. It must be the bus with the faulty tracker. I first noticed this "missing" bus 3 years ago.

The bus did arrive in 2 mins. Through experience, it is possible for commuters to make such adjustments for inaccurate information.

Would it not be better for the Land Transport Authority to ask the bus companies to identify their buses with faulty trackers? This would be better than expecting the public to learn through years of experience and make this adjustment.

Would the gentleman who is monitoring my blog pass this feedback to the minister for transport? He can ask his LTA to get the bus companies to fix this long term "embarrassment" and demonstration of incompetency.

They can easily identify all the faulty trackers by going through their database. These buses are missing completely from the database!

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