Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Should you move to an integrated shield plan?

Should you stay on Medishield Life or move to an integrated plan? Will an integrated plan cover a larger part of your medical bill and reduce your co-payment?



PEGASUS said...

My wife bought an enhanced income shield plan that is supposed to cover B1 ward. When she was hospitalized I was advised to put her in B2 ward so as to avoid paying non subsidised rate 90 days after discharge for her ongoing cancer treatment. However, I continue to pay out of my own pocket now whenever I bring her to see the oncologist and other specialists. Last week, I have to pay for her CT SCAN, BONE SCAN, SPECIALIST FEES, BLOOD TESTS, INFUSIONS, MEDICATIONS etc and was told all there are non claimable. I wonder why I should pay 3 times the amount of basic medishield for the enhanced income shield when it is not practical to use it as advised by my agent. Did I misunderstand the plan?

Kin Lian Tan said...

Pegasus. It is difficult for me to communicate through Blog comments. Can you send an email to kinlian@gmail.com?

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