Saturday, January 07, 2017

Time to cease wasteful activities

I was unwilling to give my contact number after scanning my NRIC to enter Raffles City Tower. I consider the whole exercise to be a waste of time.

Someone said, "Mr. Tan, the security guard are just doing their job. Why make life difficult for them? You know they are lowly paid."

What nonsense! The building management is making life difficult for me. They asked me to queue up to scan my passport and they ask for my mobile number. What is the purpose? To sell the number to a telemarketing company?

Do ordinary people have the right to privacy. Should they be required to leave their identity with all the buildings that they visit?

I refuse to comply with unnecessary and wasteful practices.

If there is a terrorist threat, they should inspect my bags for bombs. How does scanning my NRIC and asking for my contact number help to reduce the terrorist threat?

Someone said, "Oh, they want to contact you if there is a contagious disease". What nonsense! Is this a credible risk? it is just ridiculous thinking.

If we continue to waste money and manpower on useless activities, we will continue to be more expensive and uncompetitive. We are already the most costly city in the world.

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