Saturday, January 07, 2017

Uselss security measures

I visited my stockbroker at Raffles City Tower. I had to pass through secruity. They asked for my NRIC and scanned it.

Guard - can we have your contact number?
TKL - why do you need it?
Guard - in case of emergency
TKL - what kind of emergency? how often does it occur?
Guard - sorry, this is our SOP. see this sign.
TKL - 12345678
Guard - never mind. don't have say so.

The SOP (standard operating procedure) is good for brainless people to implement and for brainless people to comply.

Does the PIP (people in power) who pass the SOP realize that this is entirely useless and a waste of time? It also infringes privacy. I do not want my mobile number to be sold to telemarketers.

Why do they need to scan people going into Raffles City Towers? It is not a high security building. If it is the case, they should be scanning the back pack for bombs! They are not!

Maybe they should be scanning the people visiting the Raffles City Mall for bombs, as it is a high risk area. They are not!

Thank you, Lee HL and PAP. You have raised a nation of brainless people.

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