Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Difficult to know the exact bus stop

I took a bus from Bukit Timah Road to my home. The app said to take 151/154 and change at St Andrew's Jnr College to bus 857 after walking a short distance. It turned out to be a nightmare.

As I was not familar with the route, I asked the driver if we are approached CTE (where St Andrew's Jnr College was. He was not sure. He then confirmed that the next stop is where I should get down.

I spent the next 15 minutes looking for the next bus stop. I could not find it. Google Map was not accurate, so I could not rely on it.

I asked several people at the bus stop and walking by. They also did not kow. Apparently, I had alighted one stop earlier.

For several years, I have asked for the buses to display the name of the next bus stop, or just the sequence number. The Land Transport Authority did not bother to consider this suggestion.

It is very difficult to travel at night, if there is no display or announcement of the stop.

Finally, I took a taxi home. I am disappointed at the LTA and the transport minister.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe you can try the StreetDirectory.com app

It shows bus stops, what are the buses at each bus stop, the projected arrival times of the buses, and you can also display bus routes. It is also GPS-aware so you can see where you are on the map.

The map is zoomable & very detailed and similar to the old book-based street directories of old. There is option to download the entire Singapore map so that you can use the app offline (to save on data costs). But of course no bus timings or bus routes if offline mode.

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