Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Take the road less travelled

I like to opt for "the road less travelled".

If most people wants to join the bank, I prefer to join another industry. If most people want to get a degree, I prefer to work and gain experience and skills.

When I take "the road less travelled", I get less competition and better opportunities. THis is how the labor market works, right?

The sceptics say, "The road less travelled is less travelled for a reason". This is how most people in Singapore think anyway.

This is why most things in Singapore never change. We are not willing to take risk. Even if we want to change, we try to take the "road often travelled". We will fail to make that change.

Basically, we are NOT innovative, right? To be innovate, we have to "take the road less travelled" and "be willing to get lost". Don't worry, we will find out way back.

This is to INNOVATION.

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