Tuesday, March 07, 2017

More help for PMET, mature workers

The government tries to help the mature workers and PMET by sending them for training and providing salary support.

They have been trying this approach in the past. I wonder what is the level of success.


Perhaps the root cause of the problem is that employers prefer foreign workers. If the government continues the same strategy, without address the root cause, they may not succeed.

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Anonymous said...

All those talk & kuching kura examples of re-training & re-skilling is a joke. The biggest joke is the $500/yr skills future vouchers and the proof is there for all to see in the actual courses people attend, the practically zero outcomes for them, the kind of workers that attend such courses etc etc. If employers keep on preferring a foreigner with foreign degree & 5 yrs work experience over a local with local degree and 5/10/20 yrs experience, even a Primary school kid can tell you that something is wrong.

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