Sunday, March 19, 2017

Provide an "refer to supervisor" clause in each SOP (standard operating procedure)

Many organizations in Singapore operate on SOP (standard operating procedures). Without SOP, the staff don't know what to do.

The trouble is - after the SOP is written, common sense disappear entirely. Many stupid situations occur when the staffs follow the SOP blindly.

There is a solution. Every SOP should have this statement - if you find any of the SOP to be unfair, unnecessary or wasteful, refer the matter to your supervisor. They have the authority to exercise discretion. They are put into supervisory position for this purpose.

In the old days when we were a British colony, the colonial masters do exercise discretion. This was told to me by my uncles and older folks.

This practice of exercising discretion and judgment disappeared over the years, under the rule of the PAP. I think the SAF probably contributes to the new practice of following SOP blindly.

Do you agree?

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