Sunday, March 19, 2017

UberPool is an excellent concept

Uber has an interesting concept - called UberPool. When you book UberPool, you get a discount of about 20%. The driver can pick up another passenger along the way. Sometimes, the driver goes out of the way to pick the other passenger, so you may waste a little time (but I guess it will be marginal).

I like this concept because it is an efficient way to use our cars. Why have cars running around with one passenger, when the car can take 2 or more passengers?

Well done to Uber.

Grab also introduce a similar concept called Grabshare.

So far, most passengers are still booking for exclusive use. However, with more education and awareness, more people will opt for UberPool and GrabShare.

I also want to congratulate Uber for the excellent design of their platform. They apply a lot of "common sense" and make their platform extremely easy to use. I find it to be better than GrabTaxi that I used previously.

My prference now goes to Uber. I was told that Uber is owned by Google. No wonder! they really know how to make things easy for the ordinary users.

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Anonymous said...

Yes & no.... Google Ventures (one of Alphabet's investment units but separate legal entity from Alphabet/Google itself) invested total of about USD300M into Uber by 2015. So it is more correct to say that a Google-affiliated private equity is a major shareholder of Uber. But over the last 2 years, Uber & Google have become bitter rivals over self-driving car technology, with Google filing a uber-sized lawsuit against Uber just in Feb 2017.

This is going to become another Microsoft vs Apple, and a Google Android vs Apple iOS rivalry.

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