Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Is Comfort offering a "flat fare" or a "fixed fare"?

Comfort Taxis said that they would offer "flat fare" from next Monday.

My understanding of "flat fare" is a fare that does not vary according to distance. This is not the case.

Their "flat fare" means that it would include the variable charges, but the fare will still vary according to distance.

Surely, a better description is "fixed fare" rather than "flat fare"?

Even the Straits Times describe the new fare as a flat fare. Does this reflect a low standard of English? Or maybe, I am wrong?


Anonymous said...

I'm simple minded --- my understanding of "fixed fare" & "flat fare" is the same --- all-in price with no other charges. Just like the price shown for GrabCar or Uber before I tap on the booking button. If I'm happy with the price shown, I tap to book, else I wait or look for alternatives.

In this regard, Comfort Delgro is indeed "flat fare" & "fixed fare" i.e. the price shown is for the complete journey, same as GrabCar & Uber.

For me, the best is like 30 years ago in good old days when there isn't any surcharges, the taxi fare is simply: flag-down cost + meter (distance & time-based). If want to increase due to inflation & natural increase in taxi drivers' incomes, then should focus the increase in meter charging. This is what HK and other countries do.

laurans ng said...

Fixed to me also means fixed and does not change according to distance. Nothing to do with English standard. Btw who are the one who set English standard? Just curious as I am not very educated.

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