Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Remove the wasteful activities in the hospital, please.

I went for the colonoscopy procedure today. There are a few good points and a few bad points. The cost was only $500, instead of $1,000 given during the financial counseling. The financial counseling is a wasteful operation and should be removed.

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Anonymous said...

I worked in govt hospital before. Some comments on the negative points:
a) Financial counselling -- I'm surprised at how far off the estimate is; I can only guess they gave you the 100th percentile cost for subsidized patients. 75th percentile for KTPH is $783. 25th percentile is $525. Congrats Mr Tan you're charged in the bottom 25th percentile of cost. :)

b) Hospitals now very kiasu, influenced by western countries, scared of medico-legal implications. Hence will triple & quadruple check. For such day procedure, there's always a very slim chance need to intubate, put under general anaesthesia and go into surgery if bad stuff happens e.g. intestinal wall perforation. Dentures will interfere with intubation; previous dental treatments may interfere with intubation; past operation history may point to allergy/complication with GA. All these need to work out & be prepared beforehand as much as possible.

c) At each step/station, the staff need to identify you by 2 identifiers e.g. full name & NRIC, and then double check against your name tag. Standard international WHO procedure & guidelines. They should also confirm what procedure/operation. For many procedures or operations they also need to confirm which location and which side, left or right?? For invasive operation, the surgeon MUST have beforehand draw & mark on your body the location/site using permanent marker pen.

d) Valuables -- standard practice also learnt from the West to identify & count in front of you, sign on the property form and then seal in a tamper-proof envelope. If simply give you locker & key, they scared patients can claim missing items or money as hospital/staff have master key to open etc etc.

Yeah, LOTS of BS at hospitals now.... That's why I left the service recently ... Sianz liao.

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