Sunday, April 23, 2017

My view about the sentence meted to the convicted leaders of City Harvest Church

Should the convicted leaders of City Harvest be punished severely for their crimes?

I wish to give my personal views on this matter. I know that many people in Singapore will not agree with my views, but I like to express it nevertheless.

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Yujuan said...

As Mainstream Christians, we attended one session of Kong's gospel sermon in his HDB flat in the 80s, goaded by one friend, a staunch CHC pioneer member. Kong has unusual charisma and a highly skilled speaker, traits that propel him to such success, an uncanny ability to "brainwash" people to his own brand of Christian ideology, a la ISIS ideology.
Agree that his other church members, considered rather "innocent victims", should be leniently dealt with. Judiciary is just and fair.
Unsure about Kong's own crime, the string puller of his other core CHC leaders, with the disturbing and embarrassing video of his wife prancing sexily around to promote Christianity and his family's luxurious lifestyle on our mind.
As Christians, only God Almighty could be the Judge, one God's Commandment is "Thou shall not Kill", and unlike the ISIS, Kong Hee has not.
Not CHC members also.

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