Monday, April 24, 2017

Performance score of PM and 2 DPMs

The performance score of the PM and 2 DPMs are available now, based on voting by the Crowd.

As expected, DPM Tharman is quite popular, but where does PM Lee and DPM Teo stand, relative to the other ministers?

You can view the score at

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Yujuan said...

Tharman is one smart guy, keeping low as many citizens prefer him to take over the PM seat, rather than like insipid, typically SAF trained "yes sir" ex Army soldier Chan Chun Seng.

One howlian move from Tharman, instantly he would join the ouster brigade of capable men in the PAP Cabinet. We need him within.
For the future survival of our tiny Nation, people aspire for the most meritocratic guy as successor, not the one with family and/or SAF connection. Have to show world we are really a "Democratic" civilian run country.
Simply, look beyond skin colour and freak control power for the future of Singapore, status quo, give Singapore betw 5 to 10 years more, India and Indonesia would overtake us. Already China is above us, we are slipping down ladder fast, Rip Van Winkle has to wake up fast.

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