Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Poor standard of maintenance

Here is another example of the poor standard of maintenance in Singapore. Some of our bad practices, such as the tender system, has come back to hit us very badly.


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Yujuan said...

Presently a shortage of technical maintenance expertise in Singapore, many are foreign staff. These lower and mid tech personnel are packing up to balek kampong, enticed by more economic prospects and a less stressful lifestyle back home.
Even higher level FT balek India, after spending 4 years working as Senior Engineer in a MNC in Singapore, this FT applied for a vacant position as a Vice President of a new Office in India, same MNC, and got the job. Every FT and FW treat Singapore as training ground, and then leave, treating our country as a hotel industry, pay, food and lodging provided.
So folks, expect maintenance standard to deteriorate and slide back to 3rd world status.
Govt has no 20/20 vision as they boasted, concentrating overly on developing Singapore as a financial centre, neglecting the technical/ engineering sector that oils our economy in services and manufacturing.
Finally they are waking up, now ITE is the focus, nudging our young to change mindset,dun need an U cert to make it big.
Better late than never, but should have woken up 10 years ago.
Lesson here for retrenched PMETs in former supervisory and managerial positions, dun waste time, retrain to get your hands dirty, it's the blue collar jobs your new rice bowl, no aircon room now.

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