Wednesday, April 12, 2017

When a CEO says he will "take personal responsibility"

There was an ugly incident where a passenger was forcefully removed from an United Airlines flight. The CEO finally stepped forward to "take full responsibility". What does it mean? I have a few words to say about this incident, as it also involved DBS Bank in a similar incident in the past.…

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Yujuan said...

Not pro Angmo Company here.
American Airlines, esp United Airlines, prone to bumping off passengers on overbooked flights but they always offer attractive compensations.
American trained pilots are well trained to fly, both using computerised and manual flying systems, the latter essential on emergency situations when the computer system cocked up, they are trained to land plane manually. So the safest pilots are American and Australian trained.
Not so Asian and European trained pilots, who rely on computer, and in life and death moments are flustered and commit mistakes.
Like MSM reported, Asian airlines more conservative on overbooking than American Airlines. Dun known about Middle Eastern airlines. Safer to chope seats 2 days before departure by mobile confirmation.
But there are cons to flying American, pilots are sometimes drunk just before flight duty, once got stuck on plane at Miami Airport for almost 2 hours, the Captain was drunk and plane with passengers boarded, had to find a replacement ASAP.

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