Friday, April 14, 2017

Risk of buying directly at Compare First website

A consumer is worried about the risk of buying the wrong product when he buys directly from the Compare First website. Here are my views.

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Anonymous said...

Do you know you can compare all the insurance products from all the insurance companies in now? Tell your readers to come to this website to check and compare the products before buying.
Same procedure like the PurchaseDirect inusrance.
Soon MAS will want all the insurers to offer all their without load products online without the need for advice from the insurance salesmen like the PurchaseDirect insurance. Those consumers who need advice can continue to buy from salesmen and pay the commission.
This is the FinTech age and MAS is keen to promote. The website comes with insurance , retirement calculators and others. This robo-adviser is to do away with dishonest insurance agents and to fight miss-selling and other unethical practices of insurance agents.

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