Friday, June 30, 2017

Delays hit North South Line for 3rd day

From Today paper:

Here are some comments:

Cheang Kah Weng ·
Works at ZF Group

time? how much time has been given to solve? well just shut the entire line!

Tan Kwong Moh
Many commuters are frustrated cos it happened again and again. Why no minister come out to say something about MRT problems???

Singh Prem ·
Personally, there is an urgent need for a Ministerial Committee to investigate into the failings of SMRT and LTA. Commuters are not buying the claim that signal testings are still ongoing, and that such testings alone are causing the delays/breakdowns. The problems are multiple, and the situation is degenerating to frustrating chaos and catastrophe. 

How is Singapore's national productivity to improve when our labour force, relying on public train transport, are placed in predicaments of being very late for work, or in very stressful condition, which would invariably affect their work performance.What about students who have examinations to take??

It makes nonsensical the call by the Government. for the public to take the trains and keep the cars off the road, when the train transport system is failing daily, BIG TIME!!!

We are past the "wake-up call" to do something. It is time for a full and complete investigation, from all angles, by a Ministerial Committee, with feedbacks invited also from the public. There must be no stone left unturned ,in this quest to set things right.

Isaac Than ·
Khaw Boon Wan, please resign.
Who's with me?

George Wong ·
Ran out of lame excuse. ....

Joseph Li
It is quite obvious that the faults lie in the system design and material used as opposed to the earlier accusations of lack of maintenance and poor management. Now the SMRT and LTA are run mainly by elite military personnel but the breakdowns seem to be endless. It is very disappointed that commuters have to bear the inconveniences.

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Anonymous said...

The stupid public tpt company CEO, Chairman, MD, Directors, as well as LTA senior civil servants, Perm Secs, & Ministers DON'T realise that such continued breakdowns & delays have a REAL effect on many low-wage workers. These workers usually work in jobs where punctuality is of utmost importance and tardiness is a very REAL reason for sacking. Furthermore such low-wage workers CANNOT afford the luxury of paying surge pricing for Grab, Uber, taxi etc whenever there is sudden MRT breakdown!! And yet all these so-called high-flying people in their Bt Timah bungalows and D9 penthouses expect workers to wake up at 5am or 6am everyday just-in-case!!!

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