Saturday, July 01, 2017

Identify the problem before looking for a solution

Recently, I gave an advice to a poly student that works as an  intern in my office. I said - You must understand the problem and identify the real problem, before you can find the solution.

I like to give this same advice to a head of SMRT, the head of the Land Transport Authority and the transport minister. Every one of them probably earns more than a million dollar a year or probably more than 100 times of a poly graduate.

We must understand what is the problem that is described as "signal fault". Does it mean that the platform doors do not open when the train is in the station? Or is the problem more serious and complicated than this?

We travel in lifts in tens of thousand buildings in Singapore. Every lift has a signal system. If there is a signal fault, the door does not open when the lift is on a designated floor. Is this the same problem that is causing the massive disruption of the MRT system?

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