Saturday, July 01, 2017

What is the "signal fault" that cause the disruption to the MRT system?

Someone said:
No amount of engineering can prevent signalling faults of the trains in Singapore.

My reply
We have signals in our houses and buildings. They control our lifts and gates. This is not rocket science. It is quite an ordinary control. When the train is in the station, the platform door opens.

There must be some faulty parts in the train or in the platform doors. They can be identified and replaced.

I don't know why they describe it as "signalling faults" when (as I suspect) they refer to the platform doors not opening when the train is in the station.

Of course, I could be wrong. The problem may be more serious than what I had guessed from the unclear information that has been disclosed..

If we continue to hide the real facts and give fancy description, such as "signalling fault", we will never understand the root cause and cannot find the solution.

I have said before. They must be tens of thousand of train systems around the world. How often do we hear of massive disruptions due to "signalling faults"?

I must blame the prime minister for appointing incapable people to run our public offices.

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