Thursday, August 10, 2017

Lee HL's style of government

I am unhappy with Lee HL's governemnt. They refuse to engage the public on issues of public interest, made odd decisions, and even refuse to explain their decisions to the public.

Here are some examples:

a) Design of the curved bridge between Singapore and Johor Bahu (Thank you Tuanku for bringing it up).

b) Why did it take 7 years to discuss this issue between the two governments and end up with an odd design.

c) Why did they charge Li Shengwu for scandalizing the court when many people like Kenneth Jeyaretnam had made stronger statements and were not charged?

d) Why did they expel Prof Huang Jing for "being an agent for a foreign country" when he was apparently doing his job to talk to people and get inputs for our government.

e) Why do they consider a person who has been involved in a senior positon with their party for 20 years considered to be suitable to be elected as an independent president?

Lee HL's highly paid ministers and civil servants must think that the ordinary Singaporeans are idiots. They are right. 70% are idiots for voting this kind of government.

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Anonymous said...

By sheer numbers alone the 70% cannot be idiots. It is called collective wisdom.

It is the 30% who are idiots to have voted for a Kiasi Opposition Party that dares not even insist upon the President to convene a Commission of Inquiry when allegations of abuse of power, misuse of organs of state, Dishourable Conduct and Conflict of Interests were made by none other than the younger children of Lee Kuan Yew. You also went to the protest at HLP and gave a speech. I heard what you said on that day. And what was your stand? We all know.

So who is actually the idiot?

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