Monday, August 07, 2017

Reserved presidential election - three possible outcomes

There is a strong likelihood that the presidential election will be a walkover. This is how the Crowd will respond to the walkover.  20% will accept the outcome. 80% will be unhappy and will show their displeasure in one of three ways.

If there is a contest between Halimah Yacob and Salleh Marican, this is how the Crowd would vote. 71% will spoil their votes and the remainder will be split between the two candidates. Halimah will get more votes than Salleh.

If there is a contest between Halimah Yacob and Abdullah Tarmugi (a former minister), the spoilt vote will reduce to 60%, but Abdullah will get 7 times the votes given to Halimah. Perhaps he is perceived as being independent and more suitable than Halimah.


Anonymous said...

Govt will not want a walkover. It may have been fine during Nathan's time, but circumstances today are very different. Social media has also given much more visibility to people's unhappiness & counter-arguments. Will be unbelievable for govt to claim "mandate" if it's a walkover.

Govt won't want to have 2 candidates from their camp facing each other in elections. So Tarmugi can continue his retirement. He's actually the backup Plan B if Halimah had refused to run.

So it will be Halimah against 1 or 2 relatively no-hope candidates.

Anonymous said...

She is not a Malay.How can she qualify as candidate?
Are we choosing a Muslim president?

Anonymous said...

If the election result is from only 10% of the voters it should be null and void. It should because how can the president only represents 5% of Singaporeans when 95% are not represented. It is a joke. It is an embarrassment to the elected president and the government

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