Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Performance of ministers and agencies

The performance trend of ministers and agencies are now starting to show reliable results. The trend has stopped falling and is now moving slightly upwards for a few ministers and agencies. We now have sufficient number of votes (average of 200) to give a reliable indication.

Among the agencies, bus performed best with a score of 48. MRT performed worse with a score of 18.

Among the first group of ministers, DPM Tharman has the highest score of 56. The lowest scores are for PM Lee with 23 and Khaw Boon Wan with 20.

Among the second group of Ministers, Lim Hng Khiang has the highest score of 33 (but the score keeps dropping). The lowest score in this group are for Lim Swee Say with 23 and Chan Chun Sing with 21.

Among the third group of ministers, Tan Chuan Jin has the highest score of 33. The lowest score goes to Grace Fu at 21.

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