Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Foreigners are less keen to be permanent residents of Singapore

It seems that foreigners are less keen to become permanent residents of Singapore now. I also read that many people are giving up their permanent residency to return to their own home country or to work in other countries.

The government has to take special steps to promote PR in Singapore.

Permanent residents do not need to do national service. if they are still not interested to be a PR of Singapore, what does this mean for our local males who are compelled by law to serve two years of full time national service and ten years (or maybe longer) of reservist duties?

Is the burden for our local males too heavy? What benefit do they really get to be citizens? A chance to vote? What for - the elected president has become a farce. Even the general election is not really that free or fair.

It is time for our government to realize the harm that they are causing to our local males. It is time for them to reduce the burden and give them a chance to compete in a challenging environment.

Lee HL does not know how his policies impact the ordinary people in a harmful way. It is time for him to wake up. Or for his elites to whisper the truth to him.

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