Sunday, September 03, 2017

Helping the elderly to adapt to cashless payments

When I was at Sydney airport, I queued to buy an Opal card for my train fare.

The visitor in front of me, also a Singaporean, did not have a credit card. The Opal counter does not accept cash for the Opal card. They are entirely cashless.

He turned around to ask me - can he give me A$100 and use my credit card to buy his Opal card? I agreed to help.

So, if elderly people cannot top up, they can pass the cash to another person who can take their cash and top up for EZ Link card for them.

But, the elderly person probably has a bank account. If he (or she) can travel, he can also learn how to use the ATM card. it is actually quite easy. He only needs to make the effort.

The process of topping up with an ATM card is quite easy. So, I have to issue here.

There are other processes in Singapore that need to be simplified. For example, the use of SingPass is quite complicated, after they introduce the 2FA and force the password to be changed to a more complicated one.

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