Sunday, May 06, 2018

A bad development

When I moved into Cactus Crescent, there was a row of shop houses and coffee shops at the junction of Cactus Road. The eating houses were popular. They served the nearby community.

The shop houses and residential flats were sold enbloc and torn down for redevelopment. The new project took five years to complete. During this time, the neighborhood were deprived of the coffee shops and convenience store.

The new project, called Flora Vista, was completed last October. It had 30 shop units.

After 8 months, only 3 shop units were operational (apart from a pre-school). These are a cafe, Indian restaurant and a small convenience store. About 15 units are still vacant. The preschool occupied about 10 units.

The commercial facilities are inadequate for the neighborhood.

Has the qualify of life improved for the neighborhood? No, it has not. But the cost has increased sharply. Due to inefficiency and poor planning, we are getting more expensive and less useful.

Welcome to Singapore.

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