Thursday, May 10, 2018

Unexpected upset in Malaysia General Election

The scale of the upset in the Malaysian General Election was totally unexpected. What were the key factors?

In my earlier posts, I identified the following:
GST and cost of living.
Split of Malay votes to three parties.
Social media
Tun Mahathir.

Still, I could not foresee the scale of the swing.

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Yujuan said...

Mahathir still has to court PAS to transform a simple majority to a more
credible majority in forming a more effective Govt.
In politics, as in business no such thing as a friend or foe forever..
But our Opposition in Singapore unwilling to agree, out of egoistic personality.
Mahathir has a personal dislike for China and Singapore, this is a worry, but he said he only dislikes our Govt, not Singaporeans, hope he would be rational, with the Capital controls and the CLOB demise still fresh on our mind.

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