Sunday, May 06, 2018

Direct your anger against the PIP

Rachel Ash said:
Mr Tan.
As much as many do not want the Chinese Nationals to step foot on their own shores BUT they greed for their economic dollars. Logically, there are billions of Chinese and just how many native Singaporeans are there today, the immigration/tourist impact of the former can be clearly seen.
I wondered why citizens are so focal against foreign nationals. The foreign nationals cannot sneaking in to Singapore without being caught (sneaking out is OK by our authorities - eg Mas Selamat but the only requirement is the use of empty plastic water bottles).
Then how did they come in invading all strata of our society. Taking away our bus driver's job, retail sales job including the service industry.
Many would be surprise by the number of new Chinese members in SICC. Don't believe just go on weekends and see for oneself.
These foreign nationals can only COME in either as visitors or permanent residents or new citizens BECAUSE our authorities allow them to come in with wide open arms.
So it is time to stop punishing the foreign nationals BUT instead direct your anger to authorities.

OK. I will direct my anger against the PIP (people in power). They are not doing their job to take care of the citizens of Singapore.

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