Sunday, May 20, 2018

Be open minded about contacts with political leaders

When Anwar Ibrahim was in the opposition, our PAP leaders did not meet him.

Now, he will be the future prime minister of Malaysia. PM Lee visited him and have a chat with him.

Surely, relationship needs to be built up over many years, and not only after someone is elected to be a leader. Right?

The trouble is the small mindset of the people in power in Singapore and in other countries. They consider contact with the opposition as "interfering in domestic politics".

It would be better for these leaders to be open minded. They may be in power today, and may be out of power in the future. It is better to encourage all the politicians to build contact and relationship with the political leaders (in government and opposition) in neighboring countries - to facilities smooth working relations when there is a change of government.

We should not have the closed mindset of classifying people as "friends" or "enemies". Everyone should be friends. Right?

Tan Kin Lian

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