Sunday, May 20, 2018

Charges against Najib

When Barisan Nasional lost the General Election, I asked this question in the Wisdom of the Crowd - Will the former PM of Malaysia Najid stay to face charges?

Here are the responses of the people who submitted their votes:

61% - He will be detained to face charges
24% - He will find a way to leave the country
11% - He will return most of the money and face a reduced jail sentence.
4% - He will be released due to lack of evidence.

See the breakdown of the votes in

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Yujuan said...

The greatest 4 mistakes PM Lee make recently.
Fixing his own close relatives regarding his father's house in Oxley Road, and then dun walk the talk on valuing family ties during CNY message. So we can likewise fight with family members for self interest?
Having no 20/20 vision on foreign diplomacy, always betting on the wrong horse, from Thailand's Thasin, to US Hillary, to Malaysia's Najib, and worst of all, making a dig at rising economic Dragon, China.
Look at the Sultan of Brunei, a much street smart fox, who knows how to behave as a small Nation, shrewdly with lightning speed paid homage to Mahathir the 2nd day after ordained as the new PM by the Agong.
Imagine a famously wealthy Sultan casting aside His Royal Highness status to pay a visit to Malaysia's new PM, who brought down a decades old political Party overnight. Our PM took 5 days to react, Mahathir a petty man.
Using lawrence Wong to highlight HDB flats ultimately belong to his Govt, has expiry date. Ordinary HDB folks look upon their flats an valuable asset for retirement (LKY said so at one time) or leave it to their kids. It's his castle, why dash it like that.
Out of arrogance and blinded by own intelligence, that all opposing views must be slammed down with a big sledgehammer. Can't decipher between constructive criticisms that would help his Govt to do better Governance, and destructive criticisms, all out of freak paranoia.
PM did not pay attention to his mouthpiece SPH's article on free speech criticisms by a Northern European country, quote from a local critic,
"We criticize our Govt so it can govern better, but basically we do trust them". This sums up aptly our local folks' sentiment.
Also a subtle way his mouthpiece is reminding him.

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