Saturday, May 26, 2018

Visiting Johor

Over three days, I visited and stayed in three towns in Johor - Kluang, Mersing and Johor Bahru.

I did not feel insecure due to crime. I met people who are friendly and helpful. I feel comfortable with the people from all races - Malay, Chinese and Indians.

I also met some foreigners working in Johor - and they speak the local languages.

I travelled in a Malaysian car owned by my friend. He advised that it is safer to drive a Malaysian car, rather than a Singapore car.

Johor is worth a visit. The cost of living is much lower than Singapore.

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Yujuan said...

Feel blessed to have close friends and relatives up North, they even lend us their cars for the entire stay, even let us free stay in their houses, just fill up petrol tank, clean the tiolets, and leave some presents, they like expensive imported fruits like pipa, large purple grapes, etc.
For rest of folks, ensure your Singapore cars are road worthy, have AA membership for contingency, stick to main highways, before alighting from cars, take care to look all around you, robbers very sneaky, and wheel lock with physical gadgets to deter easy stealing, park in crowded bright places, by 7pm, stay indoors, theives very hi tech savvy, criminals watch Singapore cars.
Ya, better to drive Malaysian cars, put passports, driving license, toll cards, credit cards and some cash in body wallets, and if they want to grab your handbags, allow them. Your life is more precious, just ensure you have cash in your bags to satisfy them.
Very important, be humble and friendly, avoid commenting on politics, and S$/ Ringgit ex rates or showing off Singapore in comparison.
Then enjoy your holiday safe and sound.

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