Monday, June 04, 2018

Council of Elders

If a new government is elected in Singapore and the government appoint a Council of Elders to advice the inexperienced ministers, this is how the council will work.

1. The council will comprise of people who are older and have experience in their respective fields. For example, they could be former civil servants and business leaders or government ministers.

2. The ministers can seek the views of the council. The council can also ask questions on the policy decisions of the ministers. The exchange of views will ensure that the policy decisions are well though out.

3. The final decision will be made by the minister, but their interaction with the council will ensure that their proposals are well thought through. This process also ensures that there is transparency in the decision making.

4. The council can form sub-committees to deal with different aspects of the government policies.

5. This process is different from the approval by the elected president or the council of presidential advisers. My proposed council will help to study the policy decisions as they are being formulated. It is different from giving the approval of the final decisions.

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