Saturday, June 09, 2018

WOTC - Meeting place for Trump Kim summit

I asked this question in the Wisdom of the Crowd - Where will the Trump Kim summit be held in Singapore?

Here are the responses:

36% - Shangrila Hotel
27% - Sentosa
20% - Istana
16% - Marina Bay Sands

The actual site selected is Sentosa.

See the breakdown of the votes and pie chart in


Yujuan said...

Dun be surprised if Kim follows Myanmar, switching allegiance to US,
Mynamar was once very pro China, but suddenly lean towards Uncle Sam.
Would happen if Kim agrees to denuclearization.
Before his Singapore summit, Kim replaced his Army hardliners, who are staunch nuclear, with more moderate ones, maybe worried that his talk results would be unacceptable and they may mount a coup against him when away from home.
China is worried sick, they dun want a NK/US collaboration, then have a bigger enemy to handle. This wayang show is interesting that would take away attention to our own problems with Malaysia.
Mahathir is a man in a hurry, may embark on extreme measures, repeating history of 1998, with sudden Capital controls and the ringgit devaluation, maybe ask Singapore to pay "fine" of RM 500m should he able to dig out we are "negligent" in handling Najib's corruption case, same way Keppel Corp fined in the US, thus asking Singapore to give him free money, to offset compensation to canning HSR project.
Our PM must not be carried away with the Summit euphoria.

Yujuan said...

Whether this Summit would bring benefits to us is later, deal with our own backyard is of utmost urgency, esp when the recent cosy buddy buddy picture of Najib and LHL so fresh in Mahathir's mind.

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