Thursday, June 21, 2018

HDB flat less than 60 years selling at lower prices

Dear Mr Tan,

During the course of engaging more agents to sell my flat, I encountered one very special case that wish to share with you.

Now I know why some neighbours are selling much more below valuation and drag down the resale mkt.

I came across one agent that advertised " engaged me considered your flat sold".

Oh my god ......
Upon meeting him, very impressed with his marketing approach. Then come psycho to sign 3 mths exclusive rights, but showing you very low figures of people selling much below values by him. Informed me that mkt will go down further and further if you don't sell now!

I asked him will he pressure me to sell at any offer ? His commission is not cheap at 2 percent. So to him selling low by 20k Or 30k not much Impact. To me, his strategy is to sell fast at any offer!

I can imagine those old illiterate people being con by him !
What Is your view ?

The agent is not acting in the interest of the client. You can lodge a complaint to the CEA - Council of Estate Agents.

This flat has less than 60 years of leave. By not acting fast, the government is causing a lot of problem to the owners of these old flats.

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Anonymous said...

Casting my mind back, housing agents are prowlers. I had called for some enquiries. "Owner is away but am not sure when they will be back." was the reply. From the next day onwards my mobile was full of advertisements on the units available for sale. Counterintuitively we become wiser .

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