Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Less risky to employ ex-offenders

There was some discussion over a recent event where an ex-offender, who had served a jail sentence for a criminal offence, was denied a licence to work as a security guard.

The reasoning from the Police, who is the licensing authority, was that his background could post a risk of a repeat offence.

Apparently, the decision was supported by a member of Parliament.

I disagree with the decision.

The risk is small for the following reasons:

a) The ex-offender would have learned his lesson. He would know of the heavy price for the offence. A repeated offence would be met with more serious punishment.

b) The employer would be put on notice of the previous offence. They would pay more attention to this risk. With this additional precaution, the risk of its repeated occurence will be small.

We have to change our mindset towards risk evaluation and mitigation. The government can set a good example for the country to follow.

Tan Kin Lian

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