Monday, June 18, 2018

My bad experience in filing an annual return

I have to file my ACRA return today.

ACRA is quite inconsiderate. They designed a complicated system for submitting an annual return. I have to download a 16 page PDF to guide me through their process.

After I entered by business UEN number, I received a message that I have to update my Electronic Register of Members and Share Capital.

I have to search for where the link to update this item. I have to go through a website that has hundreds of confusing links. I could not find the place to update it.

I called their hotline. It was another nightmare. After listening to many irrelevant and distracting messages, I finally managed to speak to a staff.

The hotline staff helped me to go through the complicated steps. The information needed to update the share register was quite complicated. She had to help me.

I finally managed to complete the return. I saved the transaction and have to come back again to complete it.

I asked to complete a survey. It asked me to rate my experience from 1 (poor) to 6 (excellent). I entered 1. It was not accepted. I was asked a few times. I entered 1. They were all rejected. Finally, I was told that I had exceeded the calls.

What a sham!

Tan Kin Lian

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Anonymous said...

At one point in time, the basics of which we get answers from the other end from human beings with efficiency and was put through to the extension number down-to- the- minute.

Nowadays people tend to resist using phones as every person you speak tend to give a different reply.

I had a credit card send to me, and after spending more than an hour trying to activate it only to listen to -"your phone number is not registered with us" which was filled on the application form. So I had to take quarter day off work to visit the bank personally as hotlines was just playing music after pressing from A to Z on the phone.

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