Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Slow clearance at checkpoint

A few people believed that the slow clearance at the Singapore side of the checkpoint is done on purpose - to discourage Singaporeans from visiting Johore.

I do not think so.

I believe that it is caused by the incompetence of the people on the Singapore side. In the past, we were considered to be more efficient.

Our standard had dropped considerably during the past two decades. We are now inefficient and slow.

This inefficiency is causing hardship to over 100,000 workers and students who stay in Johore and travel to work or study in Singapore. Nobody seems to care, from the Singapore side.

I find this "don't care" attitude to be appalling and disgraceful.

Tan Kin Lian


Anonymous said...

SGP- Better be safe than sorry considering the circumstances the country have with them.

MLS- Be sorry than safe ,considering the bums are amongst those laziest countries.

Yujuan said...

Have complained to both ICA for immigration clearance, and LTA for the clumsy manual entry for ERP card deduction, but both fallen on deaf ears.
The Authorities dun walk the talk, they tell us to become a Smart Nation, but they themselves refuse to take lead to change.
How do you explain waiting for your passport clearance for up to one hour
at Singapore side and you clear immigration almost immediately at Malaysia side, a miracle the Malaysians could be this efficient.
And then you have to do old fashioned manual pressing buttons to pay ERP at our side, while you just scan the Touch and Go card at the Malaysian side.

Holy God, those Dept heads for these two Agencies, held by paper generals, do they have kosong brains?

Anonymous said...

Everything happened for a reason.

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