Friday, September 14, 2018

WOTC - $15 million compensation

I asked this question in the Wisdom of the Crowd:

Is the compensation of $15 million for the delay of the High Speed Rail fair?

Here are the responses: (70 Votes)
40 % - It is better to scrap the project entirely.
29 % - We should waive it entirely, for goodwill.
23 % - It is a fair sum.
9 % - We should insist on the full compensation of $150 million.

See the pie chart at:


Yujuan said...

Take note of the following scenario that is not in Singapore's favour.
1. More Malaysians seeking work in Singapore, from Johore, Malacca and Selangor, Negri Sembilan.
2. Both Malaysians and Foreign expatriates staying in Johore and commuting to work in Singapore. You could rent an Apartment across the Causeway for only RM500, RM800 and above.
3. Hitting the HDB dwellers' pocket, can't rent out their extra rooms for side income. Also hitting the private property owners hard in renting out their properties. Expatriates could rent a semi/ bungalow place at leisure Farm very close to the HSR station in Johore at dirt cheap rent, with big gardens and big COE-less cars to boot.
The Woodlands/Johore MRT line would first give an indication to what extent affecting us.
Dr M a wily fox.

Yujuan said...

Oh ah, forget to add, Expatriate kids have a multiple variety of international schools to choose from in Nusajaya.
So make money in Singapore, but stay in Johore.

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