Saturday, September 15, 2018

WOTC - Invite foreign leader to talk about democracy

I asked this question in the Wisdom of the Crowd:

Is it acceptable to invite a foreign leader to talk about democracy?

Here are the responses: (71 Votes)
80 % - We should encourage discussion on this topic.
17 % - No. It is interfering in our domestic politics.
1 % - We should listen to our own government leaders
1 % - We should not ask Dr. Mahathir to talk about it.

See the pie chart at:


Yujuan said...

Folks here should separate the private and public sides of Dr M.
Privately Tun has a soft spot for ordinary Singaporeans, but he dislikes the PAP Govt, and has an axe to grind due to the acrimony arising from the LKY era. Ex PM Goh Chok Tong could not handle the Dr, had to rely on the senior Lee in dealing with the old hand.
Obviously he wishes the Lion City is still part of Malaysia, and he shows it. He does have admiration and envy for Singapore.
We have had seen him personally helping a group of Singaporeans and Singapore based foreigners got back their K.L. properties from a near bankrupt Bursa listed developer during the 1998 Asian Financial crisis. He has a very principled and kind heart. Compare Tun to our own LKY who coldly scolded Singaporeans at the heart of the Lehman Bros crisis, that those
investors went in with their eyes opened.
Tun really means what he said, that Malaysians work with the human touch based on the kampong spirit, not the cold legal way entirely based on the rule of Law like the PAP Govt.
Look at the rational way he favours Singapore by permitting the MRT extension into Johore, and requesting for the 2 year KIV HSR construction. This speaks volume about Tun's character and his treatment and attitude towards Singapore.
Perhaps the only serious fault is he is an ultra Nationalist, who loves his own country a lot. This deserves our admiration.
May God bless the Dr with a longer life, giving him time to fix Malaysian money problems, so that he could leave this world in peace.
Singapore should show compassion by waving off the peanuts 15m compensation for the HSR delay, Tun will reciprocate later. He is that kind of man.

Yujuan said...

Just ignore the wayang antics of our Govt, always trying to make a storm in a teacup of tea to gain sympathy or to whip up Nationalist feelings to bolster their standing.
Such a big yawn. Our sympathy to P.J. Thum and Kirsten. Should the internet Mobsters really hurt you physically, it's Shamugan's and Kian's fault, can't imagine they acting like kaypoh, petty housewives.

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