Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Learn language through songs

I have posted videos of the songs that I know in Japanese, Indonesian, Tagalog (Philippines), Russian, Spanish, French, Chinese and English. Total 8 languages.

I may be adding two more languages - Thai and Korean.

I like to learn a little about each language from its popular songs.

Someone said that I sing better than him. OK, but I know of many people who sing better than me. it does not matter who is better or worse - more important is to enjoy the company through songs and not be shy.

I was a boy scout and learn to sing many popular campfire songs.

Someone gave me two tips about singing. First, you take a deep breath and you sing from the tummy, not the throat. Second, you pronounce the words clearly.

I followed these tips and, somehow, the songs come out better.

Recently, I found a "secret". When I drink alkaline water, the voice comes out clearer. I must negotiate a contract with Panasonic to promote their alkaline water maker.

Tan Kin Lian


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