Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Logic of timing of pedestrian crossing

I take the pedestrian crossing near my home almost every day. Some times, the green man appears in half a minute, sometimes up to 2 minutes.

What is the logic?

Someone said that the timing is based on sensors that monitor the traffic flow.

If the logic works well, I would have observed it. But it does not.

Even if there is light traffic, it can take more than a minute for the green man to appear. Often, I decided to cross the road without the green man. It is quite safe.

If LTA wants to fine me for not observing the traffic regulation, they can wait for me at the pedestrian crossing before KLC International.

What is a better way to control the lights at the crossing?

Get the green man to appear 30 seconds after the button is pressed. It will provide sufficient time for the traffic to stop.

However, if the previous stop occurred less than 1 minute away, get the green man to appear in 1 minute. The pedestrians will understand.

What if there are many stops at the crossing that impede the flow of the cars?

It seldom happens, except for busy roads with many pedestrians.

What is the problem anyway? The cars are used to move slowly during the busy hours. It will not make any difference if the cars have to stop for pedestrians to cross.

How about giving the right of cross for pedestrians?

I have seen many instances where the cars are moving slowly due to road works, but the green man still takes a long time to appear.

I do not understand why a wide road needs to have two separate controls. The pedestrian has to wait up to two minutes to cross one half of the road and wait another long time to cross the other half.

Perhaps LTA thinks that some pedestrians are happy to remain in the middle of the road?

I used to have trust in the intelligence of the people running our govt agencies. Now, I have doubts.

Tan Kin Lian


Anonymous said...

The pace of life is super fast here. Traffic lights need to multi-task.

Anonymous said...

Time and life is about money. Money and life is not about time.

Anonymous said...

Holes & Pegs.

One is square and one is round.

One needs to change either the hole or the peg.

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