Saturday, November 24, 2018

No need for a fake news law

I can understand the govt's wish to stop people from deliberately spreading lies through social media.

But I am afraid that the govt cannot tell the difference between a honest opinion, a honest mistake and deliberate lies.

I am also afraid that the govt will abuse the power given by the law to stop legitimate questions being asked about the conduct of the govt and its ministers.

There are some actions taken by the govt that are questionable, such as what is the salary of the CEO of Temasek Holdings, why is the salary kept secret, how much assets are owned by ministers and their families.

If these matters of public interest are not made transparent, some people will speculate about the matters.

Will the speculations, if unsubstantiated, be considered as deliberately spreading fake news?

Is the fake news law intended to stop people from raising these questions?

Even if some people spread information that turns out to be untrue, not many people will believe them anyway. How much harm will it cause?

If the govt acts with moral integrity, they should not be afraid that the citizens will believe the untruths that are being spread about them.

Most citizens will be able to disregard the untruths.

There is no need to have a law to stop fake news.

I am afraid that the fake news law will be abused by the govt. I speak against it.

Tan Kin Lian

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Anonymous said...

Some still believe in what they read. I would say most just read news for entertainment. During our school days when we write composition the more entertaining the more marks were given. The journalists writing and broadcasting todays news still think that they are writing composition to sell their stories. The smart ones will take it as little chillies in soya sauce. Dip food in the sauce but do not eat the little chillies. Live news coverage may be a little different.
Assets owned by the ministers are lots and lots. They do not need to buy anymore. Reason they put out ABSD and not on vehicles because they need to buy vehicles. And if they buy assets it will only be their adult first -timer children.

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