Monday, May 27, 2019

NRIC is not private

My NRIC is S0579729B. My email address in My mobile is 81685845. My date of birth is 9 March 1948 (don't forget to send birthday greetings).

If you use my NRIC to access my SingPass, you need my password and 2FA. If you manage to hack into my account, you can check my health, education and tax record.

But you cannot access my bank account, as it does not use my NRIC.

Don't get caught - you can go to jail.

Why am I posting this? I find that the paranoia about the privacy of NRIC and contact details to be over-blown.

Whenever there is a data breach and the NRIC or contact details are stolen, it seemed to be a big issue. I do not think so.

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