Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Unfair reporting by AsiaOne

I want to share this article in Asia One.…/ex-presidential-hopeful-tan-kin-l…

This article seeks to put the blame on me for sharing my NRIC, which I consider to be a public ID.

The article does not bring out the following points:

a) There is no need for GovTech to block my SingPass account just because a malicious actor tries to guess my password 6 times with my NRIC. Social media platforms, such as Facebook, Google and Twitter do not block the account because of malicious actors.

b) It is a crime under the Misuse of Computer Act for a person to act in this manner, i.e. to access a computer site using an unauthorized ID.

Why is Asia One, which is supposed to be a respectable website, and its journalist, fail to give fair coverage to me, as the affected party. Are they trying to damage my reputation?

Are they trying to protect the practice of GovTech?

Are they trying to condone the action of that malicious actor?

This episode makes me lose my confidence in fair coverage by AsiaOne and by the journalist Iylas.

I hope that they will rectify this slanted reporting and send an apology to me.

Tan Kin Lian

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