Friday, May 31, 2019

Lodging a police report

I took a 20 min walk to the Ang Mo Kio neighborhood police station to lodge my report on the scam concerning PayNow transfers.

It was a nice pleasant walk, and good exercise.

On the way, I realized that I could make my report online using my SingPass (don't worry, it is now working with a non-NRIC ID).

I thought - never mind. Let me see what the NPP is like.

I had to surrender my NRIC at the gate in exchange for a Visitor Pass. I objected - it is now illegal for any party to hold back another person's NRIC. Police - the police is exempted!

I think it is a bad idea, as the guard can clone my NRIC when I am away.

There were 3 police officers, 3 PCs and nobody else at the station. It must be a quiet day.

I lodged my report. Office - can I see your NRIC? I said - your guide at the gate kept it.

Officer - can I have other identification, driving licence? I showed my PA Passion card, which has the NRIC but no address.

The report took slightly more than 1 hour to complete. It was slow, but the inspector wanted to be careful. OK.

I gave a 5 marks feedback on the process and the officer. I have a general comment - Do not keep my NRIC at the gate. I need it to make a police report.

Now that the report had been lodged, I will wait to see if they wish to pursue the case (their management will decide tomorrow).

If so, the malicious actor might be getting a call from the Police quite soon. I hope that he enjoys himself (or herself) now, before the knock on the door.

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