Friday, May 31, 2019

My experiment in releasing my NRIC

The Online Citizen publish this article about my experiment in making my NRIC publicly available.

There are many people who took the opportunity in other platforms to bash me for being stupid to release my NRIC.

There are a few sensible comments from readers in TOC. You can read them below the article.

David Chang
Granted that he is right, is there a need to require members to constantly change their PWs? Tis good for nothing hacker of his probably could have been trapped n traced, given his high profile to prove his point at that pt in time. But too bad the G had lost tis opportunity to prove its army of cyber-watchman was even present.

Obviously Mr Tan Kin Lian intentionally let his NRIC be known so that hacker will hack into his Singpass account and then he can prove the stupidity of the agency responsible for Singpass who blocked off hacker after six unsuccessful attempt is not a smart way of doing thing. Mr Tan Kin Lian really has an unique way of proving thing out and is a careful person.

thunder storm
A layman without giving much thought would perceive that NRIC if known is a big issue.
Using our brain instead of aNUS, we can see that the issue is not NRIC number. Reason is, our NRIC is found in countless organizations. Many people can have us show our nric as proof of our identity. Eg. You come to attend a Dog show. The organizer asks you to show nric . Or you visit a massage parlor for special services. They dictate you write down your nric.
You enter a singsong lucky draw. Your nric is given.
Lets use our Brains and not our aNUS to think.
Perception is for layman. Reality is for Intellectuals.
NRIC is as easily known as our Mobile number, home address .
To say NRIC is top secret is to say cars should be banned because a victim was killed when a car hit him.
Using our brains instead of our aNUS, we can tell that the problem is the operator of the car or the victim was not using his brains when moving around.
Its just like the escooter. Ban the escooter because an idiot banged a pedestrian? A layman would perceive so using his aNUS to think.

thunder storm
NRIC is no secret. So how can it be not allowed to display nric on a website?
Many things require us to produce our nric or write down our nric. Eg. Lucky draw , rent something, apply for say a lesson on dog handling, you buy something online, you want to collect it show your nric showing your face.
NRIC by itself is easily available. If just because someone has your nric is a security issue, then nric should be banned from being used for the already millions of uses.
Its like someone saying because usa in economic crisis, the problem is democracy is falling apart. Democracy is still better than dictatorship . And true democracy has never been practised in any country. So, its not true democracy that is falling apart. True democracy has never been practised because the govt of any country is given real power while the people not offiically given any power. Its power is only effected by the mob.
And govt will use its powers to restrict your power. Therefore democracy never been practised in real life. What is practised is pseudo democracy. One asian country practises what i call Dictatorship democracy

Kien Hsiu Chen
We know LKY NRIC, so what can you do??
Loan shark are not stupid to give you thousands just by NRIC. They too verify your Photo ID. It is a business. Not a stupid fool like you.
NRIC is meant to uniquely and conveniently to identify you. If NRIC is confidential, then your name is also confidential. Don't be paranoid. Even having your Credit Card number does not guarantee you getting cash. Please grow up!!

Right, NRIC should be a confidential data and must not be revealed to others.However, if you want to go inside condominiums nowadays to visit your friends or relative and one of the condominiums that I know of is in North Oak condominiums that not only need you to fill up your NRIC on their quite newly installed digital system but take your face picture too. And that our privacy data being captured by their digital system. Just wonder what right has the NorthOak condominium management to capture our face with their digital system and record our NRIC and even phone number. If there is some crooks that manage to hack into their system and stole all the data and these hacker group use the data to apply for visa/mastercard and the bank approved especially with photos of the face even provided, then will the law protect us by hauling out the NorthOak condominiums management or other condominiums management to be charged to pay back for losses? Can Kasisviswanathan Shanmugam explain which side will the law protect if the hackers really did that with datas from condominiums? And does the condominium has the right to capture our photos, get our NRIC and phone number?

thunder storm
Tan Kin Lian is really a very creative person for his era or cohort. His thinking, his speeches, his deeds proved he is exceptional, different. Rare.
This incident helps to bring focus to some interesting issues about our nric and personal data and security.
I think our NRIC is all over the place. Many have our NRIC and market intelligence has our data and freely being sold all over the place .
Who has our data they wont say it.
Because we dont know who has our data does not mean no body has our data.
Just like many things in life.
Like how many Cronies are there ? Cronies wont raise their hands and say , here i am.
Like how many are corrupt? No one knows. Corrupt people wont raise their hands and say they are corrupt. Corruption index is a Perception Index.
What we are told may not be the truth.
GDP in other countries. Did you audit it? Which country can audit another country GDP ? Can IMF even audit any country GDP? They can have a educated guess at best.
GDP is not just a economic stat. Its more a Political report card. Will politicians fake the GDP to stay in power or for Elections results?
Currency manipulation. One country can claim it did not manipulate currency.
The world is a human pyramid. Majority are fools.

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