Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Can Hong Kong thrive as an independent country?

64% of the participants in my Facebook poll said that Hong Kong will do well, if it is independent of China.

I belong to the 36%. I think it will be a disaster for Hong Kong.

Hong Kong's role is to be a port or hub to serve China. That role can be easily taken by Shanghai or other cities.

If Hong Kong breaks away from China, and China does not support the economy of Hong Kong, the damage will be severe.

What can Hong Kong do, if it is not connected to the China economy?

Someone said that Hong Kong depends on power and water from China. It will be very costly for Hong Kong to become self sufficient in these utilities.

It may be possible to look at Singapore as a model for an independent Hong Kong. But it takes a few decades for the Singapore economic model to be created. Relationships and trust have to be build.

Even so, the Singapore model will become challenged in the midst of changes in the world.

So, it is better for the people of Hong Kong to consider the implications of a split in economic relations with China, even though it may not lead to full independence.

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