Friday, June 21, 2019

Difficult to register for Business Times Online

I received an email asking me to subscribe to Business Times online for $0.99 per month.

I clicked on the link and proceed to register.

I had the trouble with the following:

a) They require my password to be at least 8 characters with capital and lower case.

b) I have to give my address with level and unit number.

After creating the password that match their requirement, I have to write it down somewhere - as it is not my usual password format.

Why do they need to have such a format? This is not something that hackers are interested in.

I could not pass through the address check. My address does not have a level and unit number.

They provided a telephone number and email address for me to seek help.

Before I could call their telephone number and hope that it does not get me to a "terrible call center", I saw that the subscription is $0.99 for 3 months and it will automatically revert to $34 a month (or thereabout) after that. This was too costly to me.

I abandon the registration process.

I wish our business organizations are more transparent in their operations.

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Anonymous said...

Hawker centre also very misleading. We ordered a few bowls of mee tai bak soup. The picture on the stall got more than 2 fish balls a few slices of fish cake and floating mince pork.
Our dish only got 2 balls 1 slice of fish cake and 1 mince pork. I never bluff.

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