Sunday, July 14, 2019

Do you want Wigan Wolgate or Wigan Northwestern?

40 years ago, I was on a train in the UK and it passed a station called Wigan Wolgate. What a strange name.

My English friend told me this joke.

An Indian migrant lived in England for many years. He received a telegram that his mother in India is seriously ill. He has to return to India quickly.

He went to the station in Wigan and asked for a train ticket to Bombay. The clerk never heard of Bombay, so he sold him a ticket to London to make further enquiry.

When the Indian was in London, the clerk also did not know where Bombay was. He sold him a ticket to Paris.

After much effort and redirection, he Indian managed to reach Bombay but his mother had just died. He attended to the funeral and now have to return to England.

He went to the train station to ask for a ticket to Wigan, England.

The clerk replied - Yes sir, do you want Wigan Wolgate or Wigan Northwestern?

Explanation - Wigan is one of the small towns in England that has two train stations, which is unusual. This joke said that nobody in England heard of Bombay, but the people in Bombay know all the train stations in England, including the two stations in Wigan.

What a difference in perspective!

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